This is the second year that ISPT has rated our commercial office portfolio using the NABERS Indoor Environment (IE) rating tool. Having reached an average 4 star rating in 2013, the portfolio has increased overall performance to an average 4.5 stars. ISPT has the highest number of NABERS IE certified properties in Australia, with ten properties rated at 5 stars (the highest rating available), demonstrating market leading performance.

The challenge

The ISPT office portfolio has a mix of new and older buildings and we are committed to running a sustainable property portfolio for the benefit of our customers and investors. Complimenting the Energy and Water efficiency ratings, the IE tool enables us to measure the internal conditions of our office buildings that impacts tenant comfort.

The NABERS IE rating tool benchmarks indoor air quality, thermal comfort and acoustics within the built environment.

The NABERS Indoor Environment base building rating measures the indoor environment conditions that the building is responsible for delivering. It covers central services and common areas of a building under the control of the landlord including thermal comfort, air quality and acoustic comfort.
• Thermal comfort including temperature, humidity and air speed
• Indoor air quality including ventilation and levels of pollutants
• Acoustic comfort levels including the ability of a building to minimise external noise as well as the noise levels within the occupied space
• Maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

“Sustainable buildings are important for the environment and for the people that occupy them. NABERS IE allows building owners like ISPT to measure the quality of the services provided to their tenants while allowing tenants to conduct their business in comfortable and healthy workplaces. The NABERS program uses independent assessors taking on-site measurements of the building’s indoor environment quality, such as thermal comfort and air quality. A NABERS IE rating provides tenants with an objective indicator of how comfortable and healthy their work environment is.” Carlos Flores, Team Leader – Development & Innovation, NABERS.

The solution

In 2013, ISPT began a 3 year, national program to benchmark all our commercial office buildings against the NABERS IE rating protocol.

Working in conjunction with our customers, property managers and Environmental Consultants, we undertook several key initiatives to improve our performance, including:

• Reprogramming of our building management systems to trend and improve monitoring of thermal comfort over time
• Review of our maintenance services to ensure our air-conditioning systems are operating efficiently
• Monitoring our cleaning services to ensure service standards are being met.

The result

For 2014, our second year of benchmarking, all ISPT commercial office buildings maintained or increased their performance. The average rating across our commercial portfolio currently stands at 4.5 stars with ten sites achieving the highest rating score under the NABERS IE protocol of 5 stars – a market leading position.

IEQ Video Case Study Slide_new web“ISPT is committed to providing our customers with space that meets and exceeds their expectations, delivering safe and healthy working environments for people to enjoy. NABERS IE enables us to measure and monitor the internal working environment conditions delivered, ensuring the properties are not just efficient but also provide a comfortable place for all customers to engage.” Peter James, General Manager, Commercial Services, ISPT

A NABERS produced video can be viewed via this link.