Barkly Square top 5 in the 2015 Mini Guns

The 2015 Mini Guns feature in Shopping Centre News in has ranked Barkly Square, Brunswick, Vic, at number 5 based on MAT.  In the past year MAT has jumped 6.4% to almost $152 million, a MAT increase of $48 million since the redevelopment of the Centre in 2013.

Sam Curry, ISPT’s General Manager, Retail Services said: “Barkly Square is an outstanding example of using creative and unconventional approaches to deliver significant returns.  A vibrant laneway celebrating street art, performance and dining complements the fresh food offer of the Centre.  The benefits of transformed Barkly Square extend to our retailers, customers and the community”.

Richmond Marketplace, NSW, has ranked number 8 in the 2015 Mini Guns feature.