George Place redesign

A significant redevelopment at 345 and 363 George Street and 24 York Street, Sydney will commence shortly. The development will seamlessly integrate a new centralised super lobby for the precinct, which will now be known as George Place.

ISPT’s ownership of the three adjacent buildings in this precinct creates this unique opportunity in the absolute heart of Sydney CBD. The George Place redevelopment will breathe new life into one of Sydney CBD’s busiest precincts.

ISPT General Manager, Commercial Services, Michelle McNally said this latest development will greatly enhance George Street as part of the City’s light rail transformation and pedestrianisation. “Our focus is value creation, we aim to deliver progressive and engaging experiences for our customers. The integration of the lobby space will capitalise on the impressive volume, creating a real statement piece and providing greatly improved amenity to our tenants and customers. ’As a place it will work to not only enrich the character and amenity of the CBD, it will also create a place that connects and a place that inspires.”

Work is likely to take up to twelve months to complete.