The property industry had always appealed to Jack as being dynamic and diverse and when he heard an ISPT representative address his university year group he became aware of the opportunity to supplement his studies with practical experience. Motivated to secure the opportunity, Jack put forward a strong application and researched ISPT in preparation for his interview.

In his six-month program, Jack worked across 12 different areas at ISPT. Like all the students who undertake the program, Jack benefited from the generosity of the ISPT team, demonstrated by the time they dedicate to exposing students to a wide range of working areas of the business.

“A key benefit of the program was establishing the various moving parts in a property fund,” Jack said. “After the six months, I had ascertained what roles were available in the industry upon graduation and the pathways to get there.”

Once he finished university at the end of 2013, Jack spent two years at a major valuations firm. He then heard through his ISPT networks that there was an opening for a Fund Analyst at ISPT. Jack applied, was successful and re-joined ISPT in late 2015 before leaving to travel in 2018.

From 2015 to 2017, Jack took up the opportunity to join the team that oversees our Work Experience Program.