Delivering strong property returns for our investors is our primary objective and we have been able to do this consistently since our inception in 1994.

We work with our investors to build their members’ retirement savings. Our high level of investor engagement has led to the creation of funds that meet their specific needs.

ISPT is uniquely positioned, with our investor-aligned ownership model, quality property portfolio and property expertise.

Our commitment to our investors:

  1. Investment capability A deep understanding of property markets has delivered a strong track record of acquisitions, disposals and asset management.
  2. Alignment Our investor-owned model creates true alignment between investors and management.
  3. Responsibility Our fiduciary role requires transparency and diligence at all times.
  4. Independence All investors are treated equally and offered access to investment opportunities regardless of scale.

We welcome new investors, however we are regulated by ASIC and can only receive investment from wholesale investors. We are not able to accept investment from self-managed superannuation funds or individuals.