When it's time for a meeting, you need Dialogue

We’re proud to introduce ISPT’s national network of dedicated, high-quality conference and meeting room facilities.

We listened when customers told us they often require extra space for a meeting or a larger environment to host a conference, either within their building or close by. Dialogue offers a modern, convenient solution.

Available on a pay-per-use basis, Dialogue reduces the need to create meeting spaces within a tenancy which may not always be in use. Our Dialogue facilities also offer spaces large enough for whole team or public gatherings.

Professional spaces, professional services

As well as contemporary spaces equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Dialogue offers a dedicated team providing end-to-end services for meetings, events and conferences. Our team is on hand to look after the perfect room setup, a range of catering needs and as a welcoming concierge for you and your guests.

Dialogue spaces are now operational at multiple sites in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra with more locations set to open soon around the country. If you are travelling interstate and need to host a meeting but don’t have an office in that city, Dialogue is at now your service. Remember, as an ISPT customer you are given preferential treatment at all Dialogue spaces.

Learn more about Dialogue here.