Beyond financial performance 

Our commitment to ESG best practice shapes our strong investment strategies and enriches the communities around us. ESG allows us to transform financial returns into long-term, sustainable value for our Investors and create meaningful places for our customers, visitors and communities. To do this we choose to look beyond the present and embrace our responsibility to future generations.

It starts with intelligent design

Our buildings are carefully planned to sustainably accommodate the changing needs of our customers, whether we’re reimagining old buildings or developing new ones. By transforming tired spaces into meaningful community hubs and office precincts, we’re building an enduring legacy of positive social and environmental outcomes. Every project we undertake is about enhancing life within and around the built environment and each of our properties has a resilience plan in place to future proof and manage climate risks.

Our responsible investing approach   

We’re responsible for investing on behalf of more than 50% of working Australians, through some of Australia’s largest superannuation funds. It’s a big responsibility, and it’s one we take seriously. ESG is a fundamental part of our commitment to our investors, customers and the community. Our ESG report provides an overview of our performance and achievements, and the ways we hold ourselves accountable.