For 25 years ISPT has been generating returns for our investors and their members by responsibly placing funds in the property sector. Our commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practice allows us to transform financial returns into long-term, sustainable value for our investors. To do this we choose to look beyond the present and embrace our responsibility to future generations.


It starts with intelligent design

Our buildings are carefully planned to accommodate the changing needs of our customers. We apply this thinking across the board, whether we’re reimagining old buildings or developing new ones. We transform tired spaces into meaningful community hubs and office precincts, and every project we undertake is about enhancing life within and around the built environment. That’s why we call it super property.


We work together for success

We work closely with our partners to deliver on our ESG strategy. It’s important to us that our business partners and suppliers share our commitment to ESG integration and responsible supply chain management.

We also partner with our customers to educate, design and execute sustainable strategies.


We future-proof our investments

Understanding and managing the impacts of climate change is a key part of our responsible investment approach. We’re taking action to address the impacts of climate change within our portfolio and each of our buildings has a resilience plan in place. We use real-time monitoring systems to stay on top of performance and act quickly if intervention is required.


We’re responsible for investing on behalf of more than 50% of working Australians, through some of Australia’s largest superannuation funds. It’s a big responsibility, and it’s one we take seriously. ESG is a fundamental part of our commitment to our investors, customers and the community. Read our ESG report here



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