The challenge

Casselden, at 2 Lonsdale Street Melbourne, was a 20-year-old, 61,412 sqm office building, which required a significant upgrade to bring it into line with the current sustainability expectations for an A-grade commercial office.

Our approach

ISPT undertook a major interior renovation and capital works program to improve the building’s sustainability.

This was achieved through:

  • renovating the grand foyer to better leverage height and space
  • upgrading and expanding our blackwater treatment plant, the first ever installed in a commercial building
  • modest purchase of renewable, ‘green’ power
  • a $10 million bathroom renewal/water-efficiency program
  • energy efficiency upgrades to lifts, plant, machinery, lighting and air-conditioning systems
  • maximum efficiency settings across all systems

installation of Hydroshare, a sophisticated, web-based monitoring system.

Measures of success

The Casselden refurbishment was completed in October 2013 and has achieved:

  • 5 Star (Australian Excellence) Green Star Design v3 rating
  • 5 Star NABERS Energy base building rating
  • 5 Star NABERS Water rating
  • 4 Star NABERS Indoor Environment base building rating.