Respect for human rights and ethical labour practices is a priority area for ISPT and a key part of our ESG Strategy. As property leaders, it’s important we look for, and report on, the risks of modern slavery in our operations and supply chains and take actions to address those risks.


FY2020 Modern Slavery Statement 

ISPT’s Modern Slavery Statement outlines our commitments and progress in addressing modern slavery risks in our supply chains. It’s an expression of our beliefs and an extension of our ‘do no harm’ investment and operating philosophy.

To view or download the 2020 statement please click here

Collaborating with industry peers                                                                         

We’re working with the Property Council of Australia and 14 leading property companies to develop and pilot an online platform that evaluates against the requirements of the Modern Slavery legislation. The platform will streamline the reporting process and allow suppliers to easily share information with property companies.

We also partner with current suppliers to understand, educate and improve our supply chains, and we establish relationships with new suppliers and business partners who can demonstrate fair, equitable and ethical practices.

Promoting ethical labour

Our involvement with the platform follows our work as a founding member of the Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF), a game-changing ethical cleaning certification scheme launched in April 2019. ISPT was the first to adopt the CAF in all  our cleaning contracts and our properties were among the first to be CAF certified. We’ve committed to certification across all properties that are 100% ISPT owned and operated.

Hidden in plain sight

In Australia, modern slavery is an umbrella term that refers to cases of human exploitation, where the victims can’t refuse or are unable to leave. It affects a range of industries and is often ‘hidden in plain sight’ in the global supply chains and complex operations of businesses, organisations and other entities. Organisations that depend on labour, particularly low-skilled labour, are most at risk of unknowingly supporting modern slavery as part of their operations.

ISPT will continue to build on our work in preventing and addressing the risks of modern slavery within the property industry. In addition to our regulatory obligations, we undertake these activities as the it’s the right thing to do. We believe that socially and environmentally sustainable companies create long-term value for our Investors, customers and communities.