You probably own Barkly Square

(or at least part of it)

You probably own Barkly Square
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At ISPT we don’t just invest in any property, we invest in super property.

Property with the potential to return above average market returns. Property that will help build Australians’ super.

Property like Bendigo Marketplace.

Over 50% of Australian workers have part of their super invested with us, which we invest in more than 130 properties around Australia.

By shopping at Bendigo Marketplace, or one of our other centres, you’re contributing to the retirement savings of millions of Australians.

For over 20 years, ISPT has been creating retail places that have meaning for our customers and communities. Places where people can socialise, relax and shop. A hub for people to gather and connect. Places that reflect and amplify the interests and activities of the area they operate in, to help those regions grow and thrive.