ISPT is committed to conducting business with honesty, integrity and trust. Our Code of Conduct provides our team with guiding principles to help them make decisions in their daily work and when representing ISPT. The ISPT Code of Conduct is also intended to strengthen its position and perception as an independent and trustworthy property investment manager, to ensure its compliance with legislative obligations and to reflect the ISPT Way, Values and Behaviours.


ISPT endeavours to provide a safe working environment for its people. Everyone’s safety, security, physical and mental wellbeing are critical. We are each responsible for health and safety.

We are all expected to treat everyone we deal with through our work at ISPT with dignity and respect, and to maintain a safe working environment. We do not accept behaviour that risks the safety of ourselves or anyone we interact with in our work. This includes physical and psychological wellbeing.

Unlawful discrimination, harassment of any kind, bullying or victimisation, unsafe work practices, or other unacceptable or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. We expect our people to behave appropriately, including understanding behaviour that may be acceptable to you, may not be acceptable to others.


Trust in our organisation and in our people is critical to our success. To ensure trust is maintained, we must all respect the privacy of ISPT, our colleagues, investors, customers, business partners, and third parties.

Misuse of private and confidential information could have detrimental commercial and reputational consequences for ISPT.

ISPT’s employees must not disclose confidential information to any individual, organisation or other entity, except where disclosure is authorised or required by law. Confidential Information must not be used for personal, financial or other benefit, or for the benefit of someone else.


Insider Trading is an offence under the Corporations Act. If employees have any Inside Information relating to any entity with which ISPT does business, they must not at any time deal (directly or indirectly) in that entity’s securities (including listed securities and units in listed funds).


Employees must ensure their own personal business, financial and other outside interests do not conflict, have potential to conflict, or appear to conflict with our work or ISPT’s best interests.

Employees must be mindful of when a conflict could be perceived by others, and take action to manage or address the situation including being alert to actual or potential conflicts of interest and disclosing them to their manager or a member of the Business Management Team, or to the ISPT Chair or Chief Executive Officer in the case of Directors of ISPT.


Giving or receiving improper payments, benefits or gains of any kind is inconsistent with ISPT’s value of transparency – acting with respect, honesty and integrity when dealing with others.

Employees may not pay, promise to pay, or authorise the payment of any money or the giving of anything of value directly or indirectly to any person in your work with ISPT in order to:

  • Influence any act or decision of the individual in their official capacity;
  • Induce the individual to do, fail to do, or assist in any act in breach of any Commonwealth or State law;
  • Secure any improper advantage; or
  • Influence a decision to select ISPT to provide any services, or to provide ISPT with more preferential terms, including providing any confidential, proprietary, or competitor information that may provide ISPT an improper advantage.


ISPT is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of its people and ensuring performance of the organisation is not compromised by people under the influence of alcohol or other drugs in the workplace. It is unacceptable for employees to be affected by an illegal or prohibited substance while working at ISPT, whether during work hours or when representing ISPT at a work function or event.