ISPT celebrates 25 years in business

This year marks an important milestone for ISPT as we celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Together we achieve more

In 1993 ISPT Founder, Garry Weaven, had the idea to bring four of the largest industry superannuation funds together. The concept was simple; together we achieve more than we do on our own. By 1994 Garry’s vision had come to life and ISPT, an investment vehicle for industry superannuation funds, was born. We exist solely to benefit our funds and their members. And just like them, we’re in it for the long haul.

Growth for people, through property

Since conception, our investor base has grown to 33 funds, which means we now invest the retirement savings of more than 50% of working Australians. It’s a responsibility we take seriously, as we seek to create vibrant, meaningful places for our communities to work in and enjoy.

Daryl Browning, ISPT’s Chief Executive Officer says

“The continued growth of our investor pool has allowed us to develop and invest in a higher caliber of properties over the years. Our recent redevelopments, George Place in Sydney and the Casselden precinct in Melbourne, reflect this.”

At the heart of what we do

As we build our internal capabilities and mirror the growth of our investors, we never forget we’re responsible for growing the retirement savings of working Australians. It’s at the heart of what we do, it’s our point of difference and our reason for coming to work each day. It resonates not only with us, but our property partners, community groups and the organisations we work with and support.

Daryl Browning sums up

“As we reflect on the last 25 years, we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of ISPT and helped grow the retirement pool for working Australians. We’re pleased we’ve been able to consistently deliver great, long term returns for our investors and their members and look forward to continuing this in the future.”

Watch our video sharing our 25 year story