ISPT’s FY2021 ESG Report out now

We’ve just released our ESG Report for FY2021, which captures all our ESG achievements in one place, and shares the progress we’ve made implementing our ESG Strategy and reaching our 7 Flag on the Hill targets to 2025. As with previous years, the Report is our opportunity to be accountable to our Investors and their members and address the issues of greatest importance for our customers and communities.

A brand new reporting format

This year, ISPT has aligned our ESG Report to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards. The Standards are a comparable and credible reporting system that improves our benchmarking capabilities and ensures the highest level of transparency in our reporting.

Alicia Maynard, General Manager of Sustainability & Technical Services says,

“Since our last ESG Report, ISPT has refreshed and relaunched our ESG Strategy and developed a purposeful and inspiring vision for ESG excellence. We’ve set ambitious targets that drive real value and positive change for our stakeholders, and made solid progress towards all of them. Our ESG Report outlines everything we’ve worked so hard to achieve throughout the year, and we thank our team and business partners for their contribution, commitment and support.”

Read the full report HERE