ISPT and Bardee reshaping the global food system

ISPT explored the question of ‘What if there was no such thing as waste?’ during a panel event for Melbourne Knowledge Week at Foy’s Arcade. We explained how we’re using insects to reshape the global food system and transform organic waste from a problem into a in demand resource.

The power of a circular economy

ISPT has been collaborating with our food waste partner, Bardee, to convert organic waste from our Melbourne properties into usable products such as fertiliser and feed – a solution that produces positive ESG outcomes and aligns with our ESG strategy and goals.

Alicia Maynard, General Manager, Sustainability & Technical Solutions said

“The property sector has been grappling with the waste problem for many years, and Bardee’s innovative approach has allowed us to address it using technology and infrastructure. The program has produced fantastic results and been a great initiative to share with our Investors and their members, who know their superannuation is being invested in sustainable ways.”

Education is an important part of the circular economy, and ISPT is working on communicating the benefits to our tenant partners while encouraging them to embrace the positive change. We’re thrilled to share these interesting and innovative solutions that help create a better and more sustainable future for everyone.

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