ISPT App takes precinct experience to new levels

ISPT has launched a new app to elevate connectivity and enhance the experience of anyone in an ISPT workplace community. The EPIC app (an acronym for Experience, Places and ISPT Community) has been developed in line with our ESG strategy and demonstrates a renewed focus on creating places that enrich, excite and energise people.

Seamless connectivity
EPIC provides an easy way for our building communities to connect with precinct news, curated events, services, amenities and each other. It gives ISPT’s tenant customers full access to the features and facilities in their precinct and makes it easier than ever to interact with them.

Nicole Ward, General Manager of Commercial Services says

“EPIC offers the ultimate in convenience and accessibility, not just to precinct amenities, but to cultural experiences and social activities as well. The app’s intuitive technology makes everyday working life easier and ensures that anyone in an ISPT precinct feels a sense of belonging, even when they aren’t in the physical space.”

EPIC is already being used at Spring Place in Melbourne, with a community of around 9,000 people. ISPT looks forward to introducing EPIC to other precincts across the portfolio, with 477 on Pitt Street in Sydney next to be rolled out.

Learn more about EPIC here