ISPT buildings set the standard in labour best practice

ISPT believes that the best outcome for everyone involved is when our properties support compliant, quality focused cleaning services and fair wages and labour standards.

ISPT is a founding member of The Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF) and the first company in Australia to adopt the CAF in all our cleaning contracts around the country. CAF is an independent, multi-stakeholder initiative that establishes a new benchmark for labour and cleaning standards in Australia.

ISPT partnered with CAF to pilot the Framework and our three buildings, 50 Lonsdale Street and Casselden in Melbourne, and Wintergarden shopping centre in Brisbane, have been certified as the first CAF-compliant buildings in Australia

Alicia Maynard, General Manager, Sustainability & Technical Services said: “ISPT is proud to be the first property owner in Australia to achieve 3 star CAF certification across three of our buildings. This result reflects our commitment to working ethically, transparently and collaboratively with our supply chain to ensure workers’ rights are respected.”