ISPT leads on NABERS Indoor Environment ratings

The ISPT Commercial portfolio has an average NABERS Indoor Environment (IE) rating of 4.6 stars, the highest number of certified NABERS IE sites nationally with 22 properties rated in 5 states, and has achieved the highest rating of 6 stars for 7 London Circuit in Canberra.

This represents an increase from 4.3 stars since the last rating period and a commitment to working with our customers to pilot and implement measures to deliver the best people, comfort and productivity experience for all.

Marcus Hanlon, ISPT’s Executive General Manager, Property Operations and Service Strategy said “ISPT is committed to providing our customers with workplaces that meet and exceed their expectations. We believe in delivering a safe and healthy working environment that supports our customers and their teams overall experience and productivity. NABERS IE enables us to measure and monitor the working environment conditions and ensure our properties are not just efficient but also provide a comfortable workplace.”

In our annual ESG report we report on the key initiatives, metrics and outcomes of our commitment.