FY2021 Modern Slavery Statement released

Our FY2021 Modern Slavery Statement is a refined approach to modern slavery risk management with workstreams that support our approach to human rights.

In this Statement we’ve strengthened business controls, workforce training, and put in place a disciplined risk review. ISPT’s stance against modern slavery is clearly communicated to our customers and partners.

Alicia Maynard, General Manager, Sustainability & Technical Services, said:

“ISPT remains committed to our role as an industry advocate for vulnerable workers. We continue to work with the Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF) to develop and pilot a portfolio certification model. Our framework provides assurances that services are being procured, managed and delivered in a way that respects cleaners’ labour rights.”

We believe that socially and environmentally sustainable companies create long-term value for our Investors and better futures for our customers and communities. Read our Statement here.