ISPT takes the lead in NABERS Indoor Environment ratings 

Since 2012, we’ve been continually improving our NABERS Indoor Environment (IE) ratings by listening to customers’ needs and working with a network of skilled partners to improve the performance of our properties. We’re pleased to announce we now have the highest number of 6-star IE certified buildings under NABERS, and one of the highest average IE ratings in Australia. 


Raising the bar for healthy spaces  

Delivering comfortable, healthy environments for our customers and communities to enjoy is part of our commitment to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) excellence. Our average IE rating of 5.3-stars across portfolio of 26 properties is well above the national 4.7-star average. We also have the largest holding of 6-star certified buildings – with 10 nationwide 

 Alicia Maynard, General Manager of Sustainability & Technical Services says 

 ISPT have made a consistent and concerted effort to really drive leadership in this space, navigating the challenges of working with both older and newer builds to still deliver great results – both from a business and customer point of view.

As the first in the industry to achieve a 6-star IE rated building in 2017, we’re proud to now also have the most 6-star IE buildings in the country and are focused on maintaining this. We’re looking at ways we can continue to drive innovation and we’re partnering with customers to improve the dialogue between properties and those operating within them.”  

 We look forward to continuing our leadership in this space and ensuring our customers and communities are informed and proud of their healthy indoor environments.