Honey Harvest – World Bee Day

By Sherice Kazzi, Customer Experience Manager, Knight Frank, ACT

Did you know that bees pollinate a third of our food?

Launched Monday, 20 May for World Bee Day, the Knight Frank ISPT portfolio team were buzzing with excitement with the first harvest of their rooftop honey. The team bottled it and branded it, then offered it for tasting and sale to the people who work in their buildings.

This kicked off a two-week program of bee education and workshops across the two ISPT Canberra precincts, including ‘Rooftop tours & meet the beekeeper’, ‘How to make beeswax wraps’, and ‘Make your own native bee hotel’.

The team worked with local partners including Beekeepers, ACT for Bees, Canberra Environment Centre and Wainwright Facades who built a bespoke Pop Up installation for the buildings featuring a hexagon shaped sculptural counter for the sale for the honey.

All lunch time workshops and demonstrations were booked out within the first  3 hours of promoting the program and all honey jars sold out within the first 2 days of the event.

The Canberra ISPT portfolio has 7 beehives across 3 commercial buildings, which produced 30kg of honey for the honey harvest event. All proceeds raised from the sale of honey will be donated to the Canberra Environment Centre.

However, the real message is about declining bee populations and what we can all do to protect bees in our own backyards as they are an important part of our ecosystem, biodiversity and food security. We need bees to help us grow our food and flowers. You can help conserve bee populations, support ecosystem biodiversity and increase food security by planting a bee friendly garden.

Watch the video here.


For more information please contact Sherrice Kazzi, Knight Frank

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